Slingfin - WindSaber - 2-personers telt

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Flere apsider
Flere apsider
4 Season
4 Season
Flere indgange
Flere indgange
2140 g
Materialeinformationer & funktioner
Højalpine ture, Ekspedition, Trekking
100% Polyamid
100% Polyamid
100% Polyamid
Ydertelt info:
30D Nylon 6.6 Ripstop; silicone coated
Indertelt info:
15D nylon ripstop
Bund info:
30D Nylon 6.6 Ripstop; silicone coated
4 Season
3 x DAC NSL Featherlite aluminium 9,0 mm; 1 x DAC NSL Featherlite aluminium 9,6 mm
Mål (indvendige):
218 x 152 x 100 cm (L x W x H)
46 x 18 cm
2.140 g

The WindSaber from SlingFin is a true 4-season mountaineering tent. Whether you're heading to the Alps or Patagonia, the WindSaber will give you an unbelievably tough, cleverly-designed 2-man tent for your adventure. It has extremely interesting elements that you've probably never seen on a tent before!

The patented WebTruss technology

The heart of the WindSaber is the award-winning WebTruss technology. This is basically like the tent's skeleton that allows for multiple configurations. This setup has two diagonal pole sleeves for the lightweight DAC aluminium poles and can be set up easily, even in windy conditions, because it offers virtually no wind resistance. Once this bit is up, the inner tent and fly can be clipped to it in no time at all. The clip system allows the tent to be set up from the inside out, so that you're always protected from bad weather whilst you're pitching the tent. Simply set up the Webtruss, clip the fly to it and then set up the rest of the tent from the inside. The additional lines are on the inside. There's also reflective tape located at each sleeve opening so that you can find what you're looking for with your head torch on in the dark.

When the weather is nice, you can go without the fly and just use the WebTruss and the inner tent. That way, you'll save weight! You can also switch the tent body attachment points to twist clips and use the tent without the WebTruss, adding walking poles to stabilise the tent. The WindSaber redefines what a tough four-season tent can be, whilst managing to keep the weight down to around 2kg!

Tunnel entrance

Another one of WindSaber's highlights is the tunnel entrance, which never fails to impress. Whilst the side of the tent has a regular zipped entrance with a mosquito net, the other side of the tent has a so-called tunnel entrance, which you can use for entry and exit as well as a vestibule. The tunnel entrance can be closed completely using a drawstring and provides plenty of space for your clothing, backpack and other gear. That way, they won't get wet. This area is made of the same material as the outer fabric of the tent, so it's waterproof as well. As you can see, the SlingFin Windsaber is an innovative and cleverly designed four-season tent that will give you everything you could possibly need.

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