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Materialeinformationer & funktioner
Sportsklatring, Mixed klatring, Højalpine ture, Isklatring, Alpin klatring
Kerne- og frakkeimprægnering
Øvrige materialeoplysninger:
Thermo Shield behandling
Tredobbelt certificering
8,9 mm
8,8 kN (som helreb), 6,7 kN (som halvreb), 10,4 kN (som tvillingereb)
Dynamisk rebforlængelse:
33 % (som helreb), 30 % (som halvreb), 28 % (som tvillingereb)
Statisk rebforlængelse:
9 % (som helreb), 8,6 % (som halvreb), 5,3 % (som tvillingereb)
Andel af kappe:
34 %
52 g
pr. meter
Øvrige oplysninger:
UIAA-styrt: 5 (som helreb), 22 (som halvreb), 22 (som tvillingereb)

The Swift Eco Dry 8.9 mm from Edelrid is a triple-certified rope and can thus be used as a single, half and twin rope. This, its low weight per metre and durable dirt and water-repellent ProDry coating really make the rope that much more versatile. The ProDry treatment is a process by which Edelrid treats the core yarns first and then, after the braiding process has been completed, they treat the core and sheath together. This results in a rope that is durably water repellent, dirt resistant and quick-drying. Plus, it hardly absorbs any water and won't freeze in cold temperatures. As a result of the low water absorption rate of less than 2% in accordance with the UIAA water-repellent standard, ProDry ropes continue to perform at an extremely high level even in the most extreme of conditions and provide the safety you need.

Thus, the Swift Eco Dry 8.9 mm from Edelrid is a great half or twin rope for ice and mixed climbing, high-altitude mountaineering, and alpine and sport climbing, even in extreme conditions. The triple-certified climbing rope has also been treated with Thermo Shield, which is a heat process that serves to stabilise individual yarns so that the rope stays supple and pleasant to use. This results in a rope that offers excellent handling and won't shrink. This also rules out the well-known problem of the sheath slippage. What's more, the rope was coiled using Edelrid's new 3D Lap Coiling process, which means that you'll no longer have to unroll a new rope before using it for the very first time.

As a certified single rope with a diameter of 8.9 mm, the Swift Eco Dry 8.9 mm is one of the thinner single ropes on the market. and performs beautifully! However, before using it as a single rope, it is important to consider that, even though the Swift Eco Dry 8.9 mm is a certified single rope, it's thin diameter, average sheath thickness and low number of UIAA falls make it unsuitable for use training courses, top-roping and hanging for longer periods. If you do use it for any of these things, you'll need a new rope in no time at all!

Why is it called Eco Dry? The climbing rope has a PFC-free treatment and complies with the UIAA water-repellent standard.

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