ABS - P.Ride Base Unit without Inflator - Lavinerygsæk

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Materialeinformationer & funktioner
Egnet til:
Snowboard, Skitoure, Ski
Øvrige materialeoplysninger:
tavlepolstret rygplade
Skridtsele, polstret hoftesele, polstrede skulderstroppe, Brystsele
inkluderet i leveringsomfanget (uden kartouche)
2.650 g
med lavineairbag
inkl. signalpibe
Base-Unit med ABS Airbag, bæresystem og styringselektronik; ekskl. gasdåse

Recent studies on the effectiveness of avalanche airbags showed that up to 20% of airbags were not deployed. The primary cause was found to be human error, either because the situation was misjudged or because the deployment handle couldn't be reached in the course of the fall dynamic. ABS corrects this fatal functional void with its P.Ride system. The name stands for Partner Ride. It allows you to protect not only yourself, but also your party members!

It uses a wireless system that allows you to deploy your partner's airbag remotely. By opening the deployment handle, multiple riders can synchronize with each other. You can deploy the airbags of your group members, not just your own. If you're riding a slope individually, the electronic control module can commit to a single riding mode for 240 hours. The handling is so intuitive that occasional off-slope riders can also use it. This helps them prepare for avalanches at the same time.

The ABS system contains tear-resistant twin airbags that are filled independently of one another. This improves the safety margin in the event that one airbag is damaged. The air and gas cushions are mounted on two sides, offering good all-round protection. They are designed to prevent snow wedges from accumulating between the airbag and the back of your head. 3D weaving technology allows for 30% more surface area compared to previous models, and with minimal packed dimensions at that.

The P.Ride Base Unit is at the heart of every ABS system. Thanks to a stable back plate with honeycomb padding and an adjustable sit harness, they provide an optimal seat with high comfort. The shoulder strap and sit harness are ergonomically preformed and padded. As befits the P.Ride Base Units, there are color-coordinated P.Ride zip-on backpacks in various sizes. All other Vario zip-ons are compatible with the base unit. No expansion of the airbag system and no tampering with system-relevant parts is necessary. It's easy to exchange zip-ons. You can have the right combination for every purpose! From small daypacks for freeriders to large skiing backpacks for multi-day, down-hill oriented deep snow tours, the P.Ride base unit is the perfect base module for everyone!

Note: This is a pure base unit with an ABS airbag, carry system, and electronic control system. For maximum flexibility, the release unit and the zip-on backpack are available separately!

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